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We are desperate to see a move of God across the nation – we know that this is what we need more than anything at this time. What difference would it make if all of the Scottish Baptist Churches took time to pray for the 40 days of Lent?

6 weeks. 6 regions. 6 Zoom prayer gatherings.

Let’s Watch and Pray Together

Over the last months many people have been drawn to look at the book of Nehemiah together and it’s message around restoration, rebuilding and renewal. When it starts getting tougher for the people of God  – Nehemiah’s response to that is, “But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night”. Neh 4:9

We know that loads of prayer has been going on during this challenging and tiring season in all sorts of different ways. We feel that this is a moment to call us all together to ‘Watch and to Pray’ – to take up our positions on the walls (like the people of Nehemiah’s time) praying both for the presence, provision and protection of God and also looking out to see what the Lord is saying to us. 

Nehemiah mobilised all the people to take up their places on the walls and we would really love to encourage all of us to take up our places as God’s people at this moment as we are able to, for the 40 days of Lent. 

Prayer Zoom Link

Zoom links to join in the National Prayer Gathering on Wed 2nd March at 7pm, and then each Sunday evening at 7pm for the duration of Lent.

Weekly Prayer Gathering, Sunday evenings at 7pm, from 6 March – 10 April


Meeting ID: 858 9896 4108

Passcode: 165543

Please do feel free to share this with the people in your churches so we can gather as many together online and pray for Scotland.

What will this look like?

  • National Zoom Prayer Gathering to Watch and Pray: Wed 2nd March, 7pm
  • Weekly Sunday Zoom Prayer Gathering at 7pm, finishing together on Palm Sunday

We are going to focus each week of Lent on praying for one area of Scotland, starting Sunday 6th March.

Join together for 30 mins Zoom prayer at 7pm each Sunday evening to pray for that area and hear some of what God is saying and doing from the people there.

  • Week 1: Sunday 6 March, Highlands and Islands
  • Week 2: Sunday 13 March Edinburgh & Lothians 
  • Week 3: Sunday 20 March Aberdeen and North East
  • Week 4: Sunday 27 March Fife and Central
  • Week 5: Sunday 3 April Glasgow & surrounding areas
  • Week 6: Sunday 10 April Borders, Dumfries & Galloway

Email and share: We trust that as we pray God will speak, and so to build one another up we would invite you to email us with any words of encouragement you write down in prayer, perhaps a verse of scripture, photograph, or even a little 1 minute video which we could then share.

We appreciate some of you will have evening services again on Sundays so would invite you to pray for the regions each week as a church family during your gathering.

If this doesn’t clash with your evening worship, please would you share this information in your church news/ notice sheet/ social media.

We want to WATCH OUT for people, workspaces, families, our community,  church ministries that are weary and maybe vulnerable right now – to pray and intercede as the Spirit lays things on our hearts. 

We want to be those who pray for our nation and our world at this time too – to intercede and be saying in our prayers “these things will not happen on my watch” – to pray “let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”. 

Can we encourage you to take your place on the wall – watching together as God’s people and praying in this key season for one another across Scotland?