Peter & Nicola McFarlane – Baptisms and Transformations


15 May, 2020


We continue our series of stories of transformation in the lives of people from within our churches who have come to a saving faith in Jesus and have publicly acknowledged this through baptism.

This month, husband and wife team, Peter and Nicola McFarlane from Tiree Baptist Church have given us their permission to share their stories of coming to faith and being baptised.

These baptisms have taken place within the last year or so and prior to the social distancing measures that have been put in place.


I wasn’t brought up in a Christian home, but I had Christian friends who seemed so peaceful and contented, and I really longed for that myself. Although I read the Bible and prayed sometimes, I wasn’t confident enough to disclose my faith to anyone. Eventually, I developed such an aching hunger for God and I realised that I needed a believers’ baptism. For me, it was the ultimate public expression of commitment to Jesus which I’d previously hidden from.  Since my baptism I’m finding that He is gently showing me areas of my life which need improvement and with His strength I’m able to make these changes which is bringing me the contentment and peace that I longed for all those years ago.


I’d been baptised as a baby because it was the done thing at that time, but it had no personal significance to me. As a youngster I’d gone to church because my pals were there and although I’d continued to attend church in adulthood I was never very involved. I started to think about believer’s baptism when my wife mentioned it. I remember thinking about 1 Peter 3:21 and realised that I had not personally made a commitment to God. Since being baptised, I feel part of the church family and play in the praise band each week. I feel a greater sense of peace and am more willing to take a leap of faith as I gradually become transformed by His will.

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