National Prayer Live

On the first Sunday evening of each month, several hundred people from our churches across Scotland join in our National Prayer Live event on Youtube. 

Canopy 2021

The dates for Canopy 2021 have now been released: Join us online from 1-3 October!

Canopy 2020 saw 2,000+ Baptists from across our network of churches meet online over a weekend to pray together, listen to God’s word, hear inspirational speakers, tell stories of what God is doing in his church and hear God speak into our lives and communities.

We hope and pray that Canopy 2021 will be even better!

To whet your appetite and catch up with any sessions you may have missed, click on the link below to access Canopy 2020 content:


CMD Programme 2021

The CMD Programme for 2021 is set out below and includes many different workshops and topics for ministers and other leaders to attend. 

Thursday 22 April



via Zoom

Cost: £10

Reading the Bible in Community (Introduction)

How can we get the best out the Bible for our people? This workshop will explore how we might nurture and develop a practice of group, reader-response Bible study. We will look at different methods and approaches that can be usefully engaged in.

We’ll be joined by Sian Murray-Williams – Moderator, BUGB Ministerial Recognition Committee; and, co-author of multi-voiced Church.

Led by Jim Purves, Mission and Ministry Advisor, BUS

Coming out of Covid – Spiritual Formation of Children and Families

Over the last year our children have generally been physically removed from any physical church gatherings we have managed to facilitate. Their spiritual formation has come through video calls, resources to support parents and small physical gatherings when tiers have allowed. What is the lasting impact of Covid on our children’s spiritual development? What has spiritual formation looked like in the homes in which our young people live? What opportunities do we have as we slowly move towards the new normal? Has how we minister to children and families changed permanently?

This session will focus on what the church’s response may need to be to help our children and families as we move into the new normal. It is for those who oversee, work with or are interested in supporting children and families to grow and flourish in the Christian faith.

We’ll be joined by Rachel Tuner who is the Parenting for Faith pioneer at BRF and the author of Parenting for Faith.

Led by Ali Laing, Next Generation Development Coordinator, BUS

Wednesday 28 April


via Zoom

Cost: £10

Thursday 29 April


via Zoom

Cost: £10

Coming out of Covid – Youth Ministry

Young people (High School) have had a rough year. They have had exams taken away, their friends taken away, had to develop new learning skills, lost loved ones, a significantly increased chance of their mental wellbeing coming under pressure and they lost out on the physically gathered experiences that are so important to a teenager’s growth. To say it’s been a hard year is an understatement. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the fullness of which may take some time to be fully realised.

This session is for those who oversee, work with or are just interested in the spiritual formation going forward of our young people.

We’ll be joined by Martin Saunders – Director, Satellites Festival & Director of Innovation for Youthscape.

Led by Ali Laing, Next Generation Development Coordinator, BUS

‘Render unto Caesar’ – a money matters forum

An opportunity to discuss all aspects of the finances of ministers and churches. This event will be particularly useful for church treasurers and ministers. We will be happy to receive suggestions of topics to cover in this session, so please email your suggestions to as soon as possible.

Led by Peter Dick, Finance Director, BUS

Thursday 6 May & will be run again on 13 May

Time: 19:30-20:30

via Zoom

Cost: Free

Wednesday 12 May




Cost: £10

Leading Change in Community (Introduction)

Almost every church in our network is planning for change. For some this means relatively small adaptations designed to respond to opportunities or obstacles that lie before them. For others there is a sense that God is calling them to a significant change of direction or a major refocusing. Change stirs excitement in some and fear in others – and probably a mixture of the two in many of us. Good change rarely happens by accident. This session will look at some healthy principles for implementing change, from listening to God speak in community to hosting a journey from where we are now to where we want to be next.

Led by Martin Hodson, General Director, BUS

The Problem of Power in the Pastoral Relationship

The exercise of power and authority in Christian ministry is wrought with complexity, tension and even high-profile, mainstream media failure. The self-awareness of Christian leaders is all too often a blind spot. How is pastoral power (our power) perceived by those in our churches, especially those who feel vulnerable? This session draws on a paper by Andrew Rollinson entitled ‘In whose Image are our Congregations being Shaped? Leadership, Power and Christian Nurture’, and will engage with these important issues through response and conversation.

Led by Andrew Rollinson, who is part of our BUS Peaceful Transformation Team and formerly our Ministry Advisor

Tuesday 25 May



Cost: £10


Prayer is at the heart of our Union. The prayer calendar is a framework to help individuals or congregations pray for all our churches throughout the year.  Every Sunday evening several hundred people from our churches across Scotland join in our National Prayer Livestream.