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Churches in the Baptist Union of Scotland are both independent and interdependent. Each congregation is free to act independently according to the will of Christ as it is discerned through the members meeting together in prayer-filled, scripture-grounded openness to the Holy Spirit.

Alongside this we express our interdependence through belonging to the Baptist Union, a relational network of churches who support one another through prayer, encouragement and the sharing of resources.

Assembly is the authoritative body of the Baptist Union of Scotland. Every church has the opportunity to send delegates to celebrate, discuss and review our life together in an atmosphere of listening to God in and through each other. Assembly appoints Council members and Directors.

Council sets the general policies and guidelines of the Baptist Union. It is a forum for collaborative strategic thinking and discernment regarding issues relevant to our network.

Council appoints the National Team, to whom it delegates operational responsibility for the day to day running of the Baptist Union.

Directors ensure the Baptist Union, which is a company limited by guarantee, strategically pursues its object, correctly administers and deploys its resources and remains legally compliant in all areas.

Full details of the governance arrangements are contained in our Articles of Association.