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An invitation to hope… 

What could it be like if we gathered together to encounter God in worship, to seek his face in prayer, to hear his word and listen to his voice more often across the Nation?

God’s word reminds us in Zechariah 4:6 that it’s “Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord” and Jesus also reiterates that when he says in John 15: “Apart from me you can do nothing”.

This is a crucial time for us as disciples to come together and increase prayer for the church and the nation.

So our vision is to create opportunities to gather people from a group of churches in a town/city/region to pray together for Increase

We are creating space for 4 key aspects to each evening:

  • Encounter & Expectation
  • Encouragement
  • Attentiveness, & creative ways to help people do this
  • Intercession

We already have a number of areas signed up to host a regional prayer gathering – meeting together for refreshments, being led in worship, inspired and encouraged by God’s word and stories of what he is doing and of course praying together – with a focus on being attentive to what the Lord is saying to us as well as seeking his face and interceding for our local and global concerns.

Friends from the locations will be leading worship and getting creative with prayer stations and cake! And members of the National BUS team will be coming along too to share what we sense God is doing and saying amongst our churches. 

We would love to be known as a family of churches who pray together regularly and with fervency and expectation.

How Can I Get Involved?

Scottish Baptist Regional Gatherings launched on 1st December 2022 and are taking place across the whole of 2023!



Host Venue


1st December 2022


Sheddocksley Baptist Church, Aberdeen

19:00 refreshments, 19:30 start

4th December


South Beach Baptist Church, Saltcoats

19:00 refreshments, 19:30 start


22 January


Portobello Baptist Church


5 February


Easterhouse Baptist Church


14 March




15 March

Moray Coast

Lossiemouth Baptist Church


More dates and venues will be shared here as they are added…

Host churches will be looking for volunteers to support the event, so please do consider getting involved!

For more details on any of the above, please contact Lisa Holmes, Deeper Church Lead:

We would love to gather together as many of us as possible, and look forward with expectancy and excitement for all God has in store.