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The vast majority of ministers in Scottish Baptist churches are accredited by the Baptist Union of Scotland. Accreditation does not confer status on someone but it is the way our network of churches recognises that a person is genuinely called, properly equipped and effectively supported for ministry. This is important for the well-being of both churches and ministers and vital therefore for the fruitful development of God’s mission through local congregations across the country.

To be accredited for ministry a person will:

  • Demonstrate a clear call from God to servant leadership, confirmed by their local church and discerned by the Board of Ministry (a representative group of trusted church members from many different churches)
  • Have completed appropriate training to equip them spiritually, intellectually and practically to be a missional and pastoral leader in a local church
  • Be prepared to undertake a three year ‘pre-accredited’ programme when their development in the early years of ministry is regularly supported and carefully assessed
  • Agree to the Ministry Covenant and Ethical Code for Scottish Baptist Ministry, which includes a commitment to fellowship with colleagues in ministry and to continuing ministerial development.