Prayer Calendar

New 2024 Prayer Calendar


Prayer Calendar

The prayer guide is a framework to help individuals and congregations pray for our churches, chaplains and other personnel and organisations throughout the year.

You will find:

  • The Scottish Baptist Annual Prayer Calendar, which can guide weekly and monthly prayers
  • A link to our daily prayer updates on Facebook, where each church has the opportunity to share specific ways they would appreciate prayer at this time

Prayer: ways we grow

We are always looking to develop new ways of engaging in prayer across our network, including creating space for more interactive content and the opportunity to hear directly from some of the churches and chaplains through videos and with images.

The Yearly Prayer Calendar will continue and each week will still follow the guide, which you can view or download as a PDF.

We are also now sharing the new, more creative Prayer content from churches on the BUS Facebook page, and would encourage you to ‘Like’ and Follow the page to keep up-to-date with the prayer content posted daily on there. 

As we move to becoming a more environmentally-friendly, digital world we are mindful that technology may not be easily accessed by everyone. If you would like support in accessing the Annual Prayer Calendar or in navigating the Facebook page, we would encourage you to speak with your church administrator, or to contact us at

Annual Prayer Calendar

This Annual prayer calendar allows individuals and congregations to pray for all our churches, every Sunday throughout the year.

Please feel free to use this in your weekly or monthly newsletters, and to guide your prayers throughout the year.

View and download at the link above for the full yearly overview.

Each of our churches also have the opportunity to share a more detailed prayer update, and you can find these on our Facebook page.

Daily Prayer Guide: Like and follow on Facebook

…for detailed daily prayer updates from our Scottish Baptist Churches

Follow the Scottish Baptist page on Facebook to see daily prayer updates, videos, photos and hear from churches around the country about how you can be supporting them in prayer.