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13 Aug, 2020

Together under the Canopy

As we look forward to Canopy on 23-25 October, we hope that everyone who can will link up with friends to watch and share in the programme together – subject to whatever lockdown restrictions remain then. We won’t all be in the same room for the event, but there can be small expressions of fellowship all across the country

Why not:

  • Invite friends to come round to eat on Friday evening before you join in the national prayer gathering together? Maybe they will stay around for a glass of wine or a drinking chocolate afterwards.
  • Meet another family for breakfast on Saturday morning, then enjoy the all-age programme together?
  • Gather some friends for the Saturday morning sessions; enjoy coffee together at the break and then get fish and chips for lunch.

At the very least, let’s plan so that no one takes part in Canopy alone.

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