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31 Aug, 2020

A Roadmap to Reconciliation

By Martin Hodson, General Director, BUS

Following Jesus is a roadmap to reconciliation. We know that God ‘was reconciling the world to himself in Christ’ (2 Cor 5.19). And those who are reconciled by the cross become part of a ‘new humanity’ (Eph 2.15) where old hostilities are put to death.

Last Sunday’s National Prayer Livestream** was a powerful witness to the reconciling impact of the gospel. Christian politicians from different parties came together to speak and pray about the needs of the nation and the challenge of leadership. Political reporting often foregrounds signs of hostility between politicians who hold different views. On Sunday it was moving to join in with the prayers of some Christian politicians, as they prayed together for our land and for both their opponents and allies in the political arena.

When God’s Spirit is at work in us, not least in these uncertain and unsettling times, he cultivates reconciliation. God’s people are woven together in a deep unity which is not of our own making. It is the gift of the Spirit of Christ who makes us one in Christ. The witness of a reconciled community is a powerful testimony to the reconciling Saviour.

** You can view the Livestream recording Martin refers to, from Sunday 30 August, here:

National Prayer Livestream

Posted by Baptist Union of Scotland on Sunday, 30 August 2020

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