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30 Oct, 2020

Fuelling Creativity for God’s Glory

If you attended Canopy recently, then you will have seen video animations and visual media created by a team called Hopefuelled Design. Many of the design team are from around our network of Baptist churches, so we recently caught up with Diandra Sălăjan, one of the team members, to learn more about who they are and what they do.

We recently worked with the Baptist Union of Scotland creating designs for their exciting national event Canopy, it was a joy for us to be able to work on such an exciting project, we hope you enjoyed Canopy as much as we did!

Hopefuelled Design responds to a need we have observed in churches and communities around us, in Scotland. We are a team of talented UK based creatives with different but complementing skills that enable us to work on a wide range of digital and print resources. Whether it is our own evangelistic resources or bespoke design that a church or community group may need, we are able to provide.

As a group of like-minded creatives, we wanted to cultivate new life during a difficult and unprecedented time. In some respects it felt like a Kairos moment, a time sensitive God moment, that recognised that the churches abrupt experience of the digital world, due to the circumstances we are facing, would require a savviness and creativity which many churches do not have, were unprepared for or could not afford. We saw this need and, in the Baptist spirit, we gathered a team of creatives to work on resources that would help churches and community groups in their commission at an affordable price. Just like the Baptist Union of Scotland describes it “we recognise that it is better to work together than continue alone.”

Although we are new as a team, each of us has been involved in different projects in digital media for many years. Over the last couple of years several of us have been involved in creating a resource for Easter called Experience Easter (https://eastermeaning.com). Due to the success of this, especially last Easter, we have committed to creating resources at other key points in the Christian calendar. This Christmas will be very different to any other due to the current Covid circumstances, but this should not stop our communities from celebrating the real meaning of Christmas and rejoice in the ways in which we are able to as restrictions allow. We are aiming to create evangelistic Christmas resources that you could use in your church or community group. Someone is Coming, is one of our projects that we hope will allow churches to share the great news about Jesus with their communities.

If you would like to find out more, please reach us at info@hopefuelled.com

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