Let’s just say it’s personal!


30 Mar, 2021


Let’s just say it’s personal!

By Barbara Henderson, Inverness Baptist Church

We hear about the idea that gained traction at Inverness Baptist to handwrite over 400 Easter cards for the local community!

The Easter team at Inverness Baptist Church were quick and united in choosing the design to feature on their Easter cards to the local community. ‘A new Beginning’ – that message would surely connect with everyone. So, what message should go inside it? Details of the Easter services and events of course, and information about how to get in touch. But the volunteers also felt that printed matter will often be discarded quickly.

Soon, an idea emerged: ‘What if we handwrite them all?’

Not only will the households who live around the church receive a handwritten message in the days before Easter as a result. There was also another added benefit: church members who are housebound, frail or otherwise prevented from getting involved in active ministry were now at the forefront of this outreach. ‘We had so many volunteers involved in the writing of these cards,’ a volunteer said. ‘Others will put them through the doors – and all of us can pray as we reach out to those around us this Easter. It’s been a real team effort!’

What a fantastic initiative – do please pray for the people in the local community who receive these cards that they will find hope and comfort in the card and that they will learn about the good news of Jesus.

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