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29 Apr, 2021

Looking Backwards, Forwards, & Upwards

By John Toller, Minister at Carnoustie BC

At the beginning of March we had a wonderful weekend celebrating the 10th anniversary of Carnoustie Baptist Church. It was a little strange being on my own in the church building to lead our thanksgiving service, yet even over Zoom and the phone, there was a great sense of togetherness; and it also gave us the opportunity to to welcome old friends, missions partners, and others (including Martin Hodson) as we gave thanks for God’s faithfulness over the past 10 years. As a few folks acknowledged, it’s not always been an easy journey – I personally have had times when I’ve wondered if the work here would survive – yet it is in those challenges that we have grown most in our faith and as a community, and experienced most the wonderful truths of God’s gracious provision and equipping.

That upward look to who God is and all we have seen of his grace fills us with excitement, encouragement, hope, as we look to the next period of the life of CBC. One part of that, which we hope will be a support to our work of gospel witness in and around the town, is some work on our building which has both an amazing location at the heart of the town – and a very unwelcoming appearance and entrance! We are almost at the stage of putting the work out to tender, but are still around £15k short of the financial target to start work, and about £40k short of the full cost. All expenditure has been met thus far, in itself a testimony to God’s goodness, but please pray with us for his provision for this project – and that we would not be distracted from our main work as his representatives!

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