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1 Jun, 2021

Baptism Joy at Viewfield!

By Rae Mackenzie, minister of Viewfield Baptist in Dunfermline

The anticipation was building, the excitement was electric and the presence of God was tangible. We were meeting in person as the local church family at Viewfield Baptist Church for the first time in more than four months. The Baptismal tank was open for the first time in over a year. It had been cleaned, spiders removed, checked for leaks and filled with the usual warm water. People had been ushered in following social distancing and were masked, but people were still sitting on the edges of their seats.

When I came to the front to lead the service, having just sanitized my hands, I could see in people’s eyes that they were excited to worship God on this special occasion, as a new follower of Jesus would go through the waters of baptism in obedience to the command of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. A powerful testimony was shared as part of the service and many tears of joy were shed. This testimony was also shared as part of our online service with those who could not be present.

The act of baptism itself was conducted following the official guidance and as I placed my hand on the candidate’s head after her declaration of faith down she went fully immersed, rising to soak me with the hair flick as she emerged out the tank!  Folks laughed, folk cheered, joy was expressed and Jesus was present by his Spirit. The word of God was shared and we celebrated communion.  It was so good to celebrate Jesus in this way. So good, in fact, that by the grace of God we have now had four baptismal services in a row, including the one I have just described. Each with the same excitement, anticipation and tangible presence of God.

God is on the move and Jesus is being glorified as people declare their allegiance to their King.

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