Prayer Diary - 29-31 December 2021

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29 Dec, 2021

29th December

Wigtown BC – Praise God for blessings flowing from new ways of doing things during lockdown and beyond, such as using the church garden for services, displays and rest. Also for wonderful collaboration with local churches. Pray that coming out of restrictions will be as blessed, peaceful and united as lockdown was for us. Pray for a sense of adventure and joyful unity when discerning the way ahead is difficult.

30th December

Wishaw BC – We thank God for increasing numbers attending our Sunday morning services, for the faithful teaching that we receive and for encouraging attendances at our regular prayer meetings. Please pray for God’s clear leading as we continue to seek a new pastor. Please also pray that those who have not yet ventured back to our services will feel comfortable about doing so.

31st December

Lord Jesus, as we stand before the gate of the year, may we put our hand in yours and trust in your love and faithfulness as we head into 2022 and all that may unfold within it. Thank you Jesus that we can put our hope and trust in you no matter what may come our way.

Every Sunday evening several hundred people from our churches across Scotland join in our National Prayer Livestream. 

The prayer calendar is a framework to help individuals or congregations pray for all our churches throughout the year. 

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