Prayer Diary - 10-12 May 2022

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10 May, 2022

10th May 

We give thanks for the men and women who are called by you into different forms of ministry in our network. We pray today for those who are at the accreditation conference today, who are undertaking their final interview for accredited ministry. May you be with all those being accredited.

11th May

We give thanks for the women leaders that we have within our network of churches. We pray for them as they gather for the Women Leaders’ Retreat Day today. We pray that it will be a relaxed, blessed and prayer-saturated day for them all.

12th May 

Drumchapel Baptist Church, Glasgow We pray for the ministry of Drumchapel Baptist and the outreach into the local community in various ways. God we pray that many more people would come to know you in Drumchapel this year.

Every Sunday evening several hundred people from our churches across Scotland join in our National Prayer Livestream. 

The prayer calendar is a framework to help individuals or congregations pray for all our churches throughout the year. 

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