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11 Oct, 2023

Well almost from the furthest south to the furthest north, & from west to east in one month – gathering together across our churches to worship & pray together remembering that though the seeds we are planting in prayer may feel as small as a mustard seed – in Gods hands & with the Spirit’s empowering they can produce a harvest that exceeds our imagination & expectation. 

We’ve gathered in Dumfries, Greenock, Glenrothes, Galashiels, Kirkwall and Aberdeen this September alone! Over 10 months we have gathered together in 13 cities or regional experiences of praying together.

Many people have spoken enthusiastically about  how much they’ve simply appreciated being together & being reminded that they are not alone in praying for the transformation of their villages, towns & cities along with others. It has been encouraging over tea & coffee & copious amounts of cake to hear stories of what the Lord is doing in quiet, out of the way places, with unexpected people, in surprising ways.

We have noticed how the Lord is bringing about increase one life at a time. We’ve prayed together in creative ways listening as well as talking & across the nation paying attention to what God is saying. We will continue to pray into the themes we’ve noticed – praying for unity, for the return of “prodigals” of all ages, and for an ongoing outpouring of God’s Spirit upon us. 

This is just the beginning … prayer – intentional, persistent, tenacious prayer is foundational to any move of God & that’s what we long for & that’s why we will continue to pray together across the nation. 

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes, Deeper Church Lead

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