CAP at KBC- 85 lives, £1 million debt cleared & 1 life-changing carpet!

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7 Feb, 2024

85 individual lives transformed… £1 million of debt cleared…& 1 carpet that changed life for a client and his daughter!

“The CAP Debt Centre at KBC recently surpassed the milestone of £1 million in debt cleared and currently sits at just under £1.2 million! This amount is representative of the 85 people whose lives have been transformed since 2012 since the centre opened and we feel so blessed to have been able to make such a difference. We have received a Parliamentary Motion from Rona Mackay MSP for reaching this milestone which she officially came to present on Monday 11th January.

Watch this inspiring video from Ross Hutchison, Manager at CAP centre at Kirkintilloch Baptist Church as he shares the stories of how people’s lives have been transformed, and the Parliamentary Mention they received a few weeks ago.

You can read the full Parliamentary Mention here.

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