Welcome to Immanuel 2023!

Immanuel! God With Us!

Christmas is an incredibly significant time for Christians all over the world, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the miraculous gift of life He has given us. 

Over the last 12 months we have focused on becoming a network of prayer, and we would love to continue encouraging one another this Advent season, by sharing stories of God’s goodness and grace from our churches and communities.

This Christmas we invite you to share your stories of ways that God has been with you this year, by reflecting on where God has brought love, joy, peace and hope!

We would love to hear the ways God has answered your prayers, and also invite you to share things that we could join you in praying for; what prayers haven’t been answered yet?

If you have a story of answered prayer, a miracle (however big or small!) or would like us to join you in prayer, we would love it if you could record a video* for us to share with our BUS family. 


We will share these stories across Advent to give thanks to God for those answered prayers, to remind each other that God is working today (and that miracles do still happen!).

We are also aware that God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the ways we hope or expect, and we are keen to offer a space here to share those stories too, so that we can join together in praying with expectation to our God who is faithful!

Please email lyndsay@scottishbaptist.org.uk if you would like to share, and then send your video over to us by 1st December.

*Video filming- please film in portrait mode, with minimal background noise and introduce yourself with your name and area so we gain a sense of where we are hearing from

Ie. “Hello, I’m Lyndsay and I’m based near Glasgow! This year I experienced God answering prayer…”