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Open Heart Church, a BUS supported church plant in Ukraine

On January 10, 2021, before the start of the war, Pastor Yuri Fedoruk planted a new church in Zolotonosha, a town in the Cherkasy region.

The mission of ‘Open Heart’ Church is to help everyone to open their hearts toward God’s love, and to become His disciple and a member of His family.

The leaders team consists of 8 persons and has been growing ever since.

The Baptist Union of Scotland has been supporting Open Heart Church and we receive regular updates from Pastor Yuri Fedoruk, sharing about the church, their community, their challenges, their growth and the deep love of God being nurtured in his disciples there.

You can follow the stories and updates of Open Heart Church here.

Update Jan-June 2024

At BUS it has been incredibly inspiring to hear all that God is doing through Open Heart Church in Ukraine, and as a network of Scottish Baptist Churches we are delighted to continue supporting this church plant as they develop and grow.

There is so much more captured by Pastor Yuri in their full  update report, including photos and further video links, which we would encourage you to read and share with your churches.

You can find the full update here:

…” It is precisely at this time that God called me to be a church planter; it is precisely at this time that Open Heart Church began its existence, to serve our city in a special way. And even despite all the challenges, limitations, and difficulties, we believe that we are here for just such a time as this….”

Pastor Yuri Fedoruk, Ukraine

March 2024

Martin Hodson, General Director of BUS, received an encouraging video message of greetings and gratitude from the church planters in Ukraine supported by EBF partners, including our Scottish Baptist Churches.
The host and translator in the video is Yuri Fedoruk, leader of the ‘Open Heart Church in Zolotonosha, the church plant funded by BUS, and as you watch this video we encourage you to unite together in prayer.
A suggestion is that as you listen to each leader speak, let us pray they will experience God’s love, strength and encouragement afresh today as they continue leading new churches and communities of people coming to faith, in the most challenging of circumstances.

A message from Ukrainian Church Planters

‘Greetings from EBF Mission Partnerships,

Glad to share with you this short video from Roman Vecherkowsky who coordinates church planting in Ukraine.
Recently the Ukrainian church planters had a retreat and the guys who are supported by EBF attended. Among them is also Yuri Fedoruk who is working in Zolotonosha and being supported by BUS. He also translated others into English.
They sent greetings / gratefulness to mission partners. Thank you so much for this mission partnership and may God bless our efforts.’