COP26 Resources and Prayer

COP26- Get Equipped

What is COP26?

COP26 is being held in Glasgow from 31 October – 12 November. It is an important Climate Change conference where government leaders from across the world will gather to discuss climate change and what action governments are going to take to reduce global emissions.

In fact it is so important, that we have pulled together some of the best material we could find, where you can now access a whole heap of great resources to use personally, or within your churches or smaller groups for discussion!

The links below will take you to:

– COP26 Prayer Guide

– A broad range of resources including reflections, videos, materials and discussion prompts, all collated by our Public Theology Group

– Seminars from our recent Canopy conference, on ‘Changing Climate, Changing World’

We also created a Virtual 24Hr Prayer Space for our churches to commit to pray for this global summit, to pray for the discussion, decision and for decisive action to be taken globally on reducing emission and the harmful effects on the earth.

The Prayer Space was Virtual and ran during the opening weekend there of COP26! We had around 30 hours of prayer from across the country, people praying in their own homes or at their housegroup or churches.

Resources for COP26 & Climate Change