Welcome to our new podcast RECAST … some of you will have tuned into MiGCAST but all the best things need a re-launch and so here it is!
Jesus told his disciples to cast their nets back into the sea on 2 occasions in the Gospels – he asked them to re-cast their nets in the context of both evangelism (Luke 5:4) for mission, and again (in John 21) as he recommissioned them for continuing spiritual formation and life long discipleship.
We hope these podcasts with invited guests and conversation will be a source of encouragement, inspiration, ideas and a sense of being accompanied in your life and ministry.
We are beginning with a series of podcasts reflecting broadly on “well-being” after such a tough couple of years. with Patrick Regan of Kintsugi Hope, Ruth Rice from Renew Wellbeing, Scott Brennan of the Lindisfarne Community and John from Sanctuary.
We invite you to tune in with your favourite coffee, or as you’re travelling around,  and be encouraged.
Starting on Wed Aug 3rd our Recast podcast will be putting out 1 short episode a week for the rest of the summer.  These mini-pods will be short interviews with some of the contributors from our Canopy Summer program.  They are a great opportunity to refresh what you heard or catch up on what you missed.  
Look out for them every Wednesday!
Mini-pod 1 is with Rachel Conway-Doel from BMS,  
Coming in the next few weeks; John McKinnon, Dave Richards, Lina Toth, Lynette Brooks.

The Mission Initiative Group (MIG) supports the National Team in shaping BUS mission strategy and supporting churches in mission. MIG periodically organises events and conferences focusing on the practice of mission, with a particular focus on our priority of innovation.

The group also produces a highly-rated podcast, the MIGcast, which hosts conversations with mission practitioners from our Baptist network and beyond.

The members of MIG are drawn from people in our churches who are experienced and active practitioners in missional disciple-making. MIG is led by Glenn Innes, minister at Portobello Baptist Church.

MIG Roundtable Conversations