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3 Aug, 2021

A Year Like No Other!

By now some of you may be familiar with Neil Pexton and his work with BUS over the last year as he helped Ali Laing with the Training Hub and communications. Neil has also been the team member ensuring that Prayer Live is streamed on our Youtube channel over the past year. Neil has been a fantastic part of the BUS staff team this past year and we wish him well for the future as he leaves us. We invited Neil to reflect on what has been a year like no other!

It seems odd to be reflecting on a year where I haven’t met almost any of the staff who I’ve been part of a team with (except for the odd thing here and there). And yet, how fortunate I am to have been part of such a wonderful team, even during these circumstances. It’s been my privilege to be part of a team that is warm and welcoming and who love the churches they serve each day. I always knew this job was for a year, and so I knew it would be transitional but I didn’t realise how much impact it would have on me and how much I would take from it into the future.

I hope and know I will carry many lessons from being part of this team with me into the future, and I’m so grateful for that. Even on a very practical note, learning about how much happens in the Baptist family throughout a year has been amazing! But also being part of a team who won’t settle with what has been, and are always thinking through practice and innovating, seeking to better serve the churches across our country is something I’m excited to take forward.

I’m delighted that despite the physical distance of this year, I’ve really bonded with the staff team at BUS. I’m sad to be leaving colleagues I feel close to and have loved working with. And although I’ll no longer work with them, I know their influence will continue on in my life, and in any small way, I hope the same might be said of my presence on the team this year.

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