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Empowering Change Fund Grants

Baptist Buildings CIO usually provide loans for churches to renovate and upgrade their buildings or purchase new buildings. However, they do also award grants for certain church projects too including improving disabled access and upgrade work to tired church kitchens. We thought we would pass on this information to our churches – could your church benefit from one of these grants? Please contact Baptist Buildings directly for further information.

Baptist Building CIO would like to announce its latest round of Empowering Change Fund grants with a deadline of 30 November 2021.

Our grants are aimed at small scale standalone building projects for smaller churches (often in rural or deprived urban areas) where our involvement will make a big difference. In the last 2 years we’ve helped churches install disabled toilets, improve kitchens, create accessible entrances and upgrade electrics, transforming their buildings to bless the church and the local community. We have a vision to support local Baptist Church mission, providing grants towards building costs to enable church mission strategy to become a reality.

We offer grants of £5,000 – £25,000. More details and an application form can be found on our website www.baptistbuilding.org/grants.

Any questions? Please get in touch via admin@baptistbuilding.org or call 07506 663761.

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