Canopy 2021 – Joining Together Locally!

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Canopy 2021 – Joining Together Locally!

By Jenny Wilson, Canopy Coordinator

I recently heard of the local hub gatherings for the Magnitude festival just a couple of weeks ago and how the young people met to worship and pray together, watch the teaching videos and discuss what they had been participating in. What a great idea – a national gathering but with localised hubs of people coming together!

Part of the ethos of Canopy is very much that we join together to meet under the canopy of God. We had hoped to have local hubs last year where people could participate in small groups and enjoy a meal together and discussion, but sadly Covid restrictions at that time prevented this from happening. However, we are thankfully in a different place this year and we would like to encourage people to join together in small groups or hubs to participate in Canopy and share together in the worship, prayer and teaching.

I already know of one church who is planning to hold a hub gathering for people and it would be great to hear of more hubs springing up all over Scotland! How will you participate in Canopy? What about inviting a few friends over for some food as you participate in the Friday night prayer evening? Could our churches arrange for a local hub in a church hall with some nibbles and a ‘bring your own lunch’? What about arranging for your young people to hand out together as they participate in the youth stream?

We are also anticipating that many of our churches will be joining us for the livestream of our Sunday morning worship service and teaching – last year we had around 3,000+ people participating in worship on the Sunday morning and it would be great if we could do it again this year with people joining us in churches as well as at home.

However you choose to participate in Canopy 2021, we will be glad to have you joining with people from across Scotland under the canopy of God as we worship together.

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