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7 May, 2024

Scotland has a new Christian book shop and we were keen to find out more…

Lyndsay (BUS Communications Lead) was delighted to discover that it was run by a familiar face, having previously worked alongside Miriam in Wesley Owen Books and Music (formerly Pickering and Ingles)! She caught up with Miriam and Malcolm to hear all about their exciting new venture…

Lyndsay: You’ll be a familiar face for many in the Christian retail world Miriam, but for those in our Scottish Baptist Churches who haven’t had the pleasure yet, could you tell us a bit about yourselves…

We are Miriam and Malcolm, we met at Glasgow University and have been married for 25 years. We are members of the Tron Church in Glasgow, where Miriam is involved in Sunday School teaching.

Miriam worked in Wesley Owen/Faith Mission Bookshop on Bothwell Street for many years, and had special responsibilities for children’s resources.  When not working, she usually has a crochet hook in her hand.

Malcolm has worked in various childcare roles for more than 20 years but was ready for a change.  He has a great love of books – mainly Christian works, with a sideline in cricket!

Can you share a bit about your vision and heart behind wanting to open your own Christian bookshop?

Owning our own bookshop has always been a bit of a dream, but not one we ever expected to realise.  But it seemed clear to us that Glasgow should have a Christian bookshop, even if a small one.  T

There are so many great, helpful books out there, and people need the opportunity to see them.  As Malcolm was ready for a change of direction in his work life, we asked a few trusted friends to pray with us as to whether we should take the step of opening a shop.

Galilee Books is a lovely name, what inspired this?

We wanted a name that would mean something to Christians – something they would recognise if they passed the shop or came across us on social media – without it being intimidating.  And in the back of Miriam’s mind was a song she learned (and loved) at primary school, called By Blue Galilee. 


It includes the lines “Saviour, still my teacher be, Showing wondrous things to me.”  That seemed appropriate!

What can we expect from a visit to you?

We are first and foremost a bookshop, with books for adults and children, but we also have a selection of Christian cards, and a small selection of gifts.

We see the shop as a support ministry for individual Christian people – providing access to books and study material to help in all aspects of life. We believe that good books can become trusted friends!
However, we would also hope to be a support to churches – providing help with choosing resources for small groups, children’s books and books that could be recommended to be used alongside preaching/teaching series.
We also stock some titles to assist with thinking about evangelism.
We are very happy to order in books that we don’t have in stock and hope to have our own gift vouchers available from early May.

It sounds great! So if churches or small groups are also looking for resources what should they do?

As well as our stock of books and bibles, we can take orders for churches or individuals.  Because of our size, we tend just to keep one or two copies of each title in stock, but the order process is quick.

Where possible, we will try to give a discount for multiple copies, or for larger orders such as Sunday School prize books.

Where and when can we find you?

We’re at 36 Battlefield Road, Glasgow, G42 9QH.

Tel 07475 546945


We’re also on Facebook as Galilee Books, where you can follow us to see regular updates of our range of books, as well as gifts and Childrens titles.

Our Opening Hours are currently: Mon – Sat 10.00-5.00, except Wed – 10.00-1.00

Please feel free to be in touch at any time!

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