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Are you interested in developing yourself, your leadership and finding your place in the Kingdom of God? Then why not take some time out alongside work or study to explore all that God may have for your life. Training hub could be a great way of doing this…


 What Is Training Hub?

This is a discipleship and leadership programme designed to enable you to become more transformed into the person God created you to be.

It runs over 10 months and is built on 3 key areas: discipleship, mission and leadership. We want to see you growing deeper in your relationship with God and others; making disciples in your local context, and to see you leading with vision and confidence the things God is calling you to.

Through monthly gatherings, online conferences, prayer groups and assignments, this year should provide you with a platform to discover and solidify your gifts, abilities and calling. Training Hub is a place where we can come together and sit at the feet of Jesus in order to learn, grow and become more equipped to make a difference.

Who is it for?

Training Hub is for anyone aged 18 and over. It is run in such a way that it can work for you whatever stage of life you are at. Here are some examples of people who benefited from Training Hub in the past:

  • Students at university (You will miss a few Friday lectures!)
  • People taking a year out to serve their church.
  • People working full time. (You will need to take a few days annual leave across the year.)
  • Parents whose kids are now in full time education and want to invest in themselves and their faith.

This year is not just for those that feel called to work within a local church but this is a year for everyone. God calls many of us to work in different spheres of society – in the future you may work as a plumber, teacher, doctor or church leader. Whatever sphere of society you are called into in life, the Training Hub year is a great way of developing a Christ centred life and space to grow in Godly leadership.

Invest in yourself, your leadership, your faith and your future.

As The Baptist Union of Scotland we believe it is hugely important to take time as a young person to develop a Christ centred life. To learn what it is to be an apprentice of Jesus in 21st century Scotland.

Neil on INVEST


What will I learn?

Throughout the year at Training Hub we cover a range of topics from understanding the role and importance of Scripture or the Holy Spirit to exploring our emotional health and relationships through tools like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.
We will create space to explore the subjects that all disciples of Jesus grapple with, like money, power, and forgiveness. We also want to be challenged to dream big and look to what Jesus might be calling us into in breaking new ground.
You can explore our Handbook for the upcoming Training Hub year to see the full list of topics that are covered.

What does it cost?

Training Hub has 3 elements of cost:

  1. Financial – Of course, it takes money to run this course. For the year we ask for £800 which covers the cost of speakers, accomodation during the residentials and resources etc.
  2. Time – There is a time cost that comes with doing Training Hub. Whether that be using annual leave to attend conferences, missing a couple of lectures throughout the year, or sacrificing a weekend or two, we acknowledge the cost of that.
  3. Effort – As with most things, the more you put into this year, the more you get out of it. Throughout the year, as you attend conferences, engage in discussion with fellow trainees, and work on assignments, we find those who put the effort in are the ones who benefit and enjoy the year most! 

  • Required reading books are not covered by this.
  • Travel costs are not covered.
  • It can be paid in instalments.


Training Hub is administered by the Baptist Union of Scotland. All payments should be made out to the Baptist Union of Scotland.

Find out more about Training Hub by downloading the Handbook!

Apply now for Training Hub 2022/23 by downloading the Application form and returning it to:

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For any enquiries about Training Hub please send us a message below.