Prayer Diary - 19-21 February 2022

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19 Feb, 2022

19th February

Give thanks that as Christians we can share resources and knowledge with others. Please pray that we can be a network of churches who seek to support and encourage one another in our worship and service of Jesus.

20th February

Philip Craven (RAF Chaplain) – Chaplaincy provides a wonderful opening to get alongside people who would never otherwise engage with the Christian faith. Please give thanks for this opportunity. On station I find myself blessed with support and encouragement from the Senior Leadership Team. Please rejoice that chaplaincy is seen so favourably. For the future, please pray for more opportunities to speak into the lives of service personnel and their families with the love and grace of Jesus.

21st February

Buckhaven BC – We thank God for his wonderful provision during the covid crisis, though many of the congregation are still hesitant to gather for Sunday worship so the zoom contact continues. We give thanks for seeing some new folks attending Church on a Sunday. Please pray for our food distribution each Friday morning, as Buckhaven has seen the poverty level increase in recent years. Please also pray for us as we continue to seek God’s will and way ahead for a new minister.

Every Sunday evening several hundred people from our churches across Scotland join in our National Prayer Livestream. 

The prayer calendar is a framework to help individuals or congregations pray for all our churches throughout the year. 

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