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4 Oct, 2022

By Lyndsay Cameron-Ross,
Connect Editor & Communications Lead

It’s that classic moment when the seasons change; we transition into autumn and the coffee shops update their menus (hello pumpkin spiced latte, old friend). Yet this year there is a definite sense of something shifting. There have been significant endings and new beginnings, in the last month we have seen the old prime minister voted out and a new one stepping up; the passing of Queen Elizabeth and the royal reins being passed on to King Charles. We’re facing an economic crisis, a change in leadership; even within the BUS office we’re experiencing a change in staffing as we bid farewell to Jenny who has faithfully served the BUS team and churches for almost 15 years.

Change provokes a broad spectrum of reactions, emotions, thoughts and feelings. It can elicit excitement, uncertainty, hope, fear, anticipation, dread; but as we navigate our way through the process of something becoming different, how much do we really trust that God remains consistent throughout? The bible tells us so, but when faced with the challenging reality of life, loss, inflating bills, family disruption, and a national Church in decline, how much of the truth of who God says He is are we prepared to trust?

As a network of churches and leaders we are praying for Increase. For growth, a change, a shift. At the end of October there is the opportunity to gather for Canopy Online, to pray into this further and trust that God will lead and speak as we create a very deliberate space to engage both with Him and with one another.

As a family of churches we will be hearing stories of challenge, of decline, of growth and transformation, and we pray that God will speak and inspire us through our seminar and main session speakers. There will be the opportunity to pray and worship together; you can choose from some excellent seminar options, and also be inspired by the message God has for us through Francis Chan. You can find out more in Connect and on our website.

Last week the BUS Council met to pray, discern, discuss and vote and you can unpack some of that in the Council Digest. The cost of living crisis has been a call to action for many of us, and we have also provided a list of practical steps that our churches are already taking as a starting point. These emerged from the conversations at Council as members suggested it would be helpful for all churches to see these.

In this edition of Connect we also hear about some significant change and provision for one of the churches in our BUS family, and explore the brilliance of the Portobello Baptist Church ethical fashion experience. And for those of you considering a calling God has for you to serve in some way, we invite you to join us at an event later this month and allow yourself time and space to ‘Explore’ what this could look like.

In this season of change it might be helpful to remind ourselves that God is for us, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If we want to see change, or Increase then we need to be prepared to create more space for God to speak, and move, and grow among us. Next time you enjoy your pumpkin spiced latte or spy a change in the seasonal menus, why not ask God what changes you need to be more open to?

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