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2 Nov, 2022

Adventures in Advent

We are fast approaching C…C…can we even say it? Christmas! Our staff team is getting excited and in anticipation our administrative elves are here to kick off your advent season with some suggestions to enhance your Advent journey!

What comes to mind when you think of advent? Chocolate calendars, candles, lists to be completed, excitement to see who is behind each door on the BUS online advent calendar? In amongst the buzz of parties, nativities, and pantomimes, Advent is a time of waiting and a time of preparations, marked by traditions passed down by families through generations.  

However, advent is also defined as “the arrival of a notable person or thing”, and families around the country will have their own way to prepare for and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

As part of preparing for the arrival of Christmas, how could we devote ourselves to more time with the Lord during Advent this year?

Could we form new traditions centred around creating time that deepens our relationship with Christ, giving time and space in our heart for the Holy Spirit to guide us? What a worthwhile tradition to pass down through generations! A tradition that will both encourage our families and put our hearts in the right place to love our neighbour during this busy and somewhat chaotic season.

This can be as joyous and creative, or as deep and reflective as you feel called to explore, it does not have to be a strict duty to be carried out, and there are many ways that you can spend time devoted to God during advent.

We have gathered together a starter library of suggestions and resources*, for both individuals and families, that could guide you in your devotions. 

(*These are not endorsed by BUS, these are merely suggestions we have found engaging, for your own personal use!)

Reading Plans

Many books will take you through bible reading plans throughout Advent. Some of these books can be read on your own or done as part of a small group study.

If you would prefer something more creative, this devotional has space to journal your thoughts and reflections.

Family Devotionals 

These are a great way to build in this tradition of time with God during Advent and to give your family a strong biblical foundation for Christmas. There are many crafty devotionals, some with one colouring page per day, or count down cards that can be used as a jumping off point for families with older children.

Podcasts & Bible apps

Many of your favourite Christian podcasts will have an advent series. Subscribe and these episodes will be downloaded onto your phone for you. This is a great way to bring that devotional space into a time that suits, on a commute perhaps…

The YouVersion Bible App has many advent plans ranging from 4 – 30 days worth of advent Bible readings. You can set a reminder in the app that will encourage you to read more of the advent plan that you have chosen.

We hope these suggestions will inspire you to approach Advent and the build up to Christmas with hope, anticipation and reflection on (you know it…) the reason for the season!

God loves our company, and wants us to be in his presence everyday, so why not prioritise spending this time with Him, both during advent and into 2023.



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