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1 Mar, 2023

In Scotland, approx 400,000 women are of menopausal age and most women will experience menopausal symptoms in a variety of ways. For some, these may be severe and have a large impact on their lives; these symptoms can include memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, hot flushes and pain.
Stigma surrounding the menopause can discourage women in our churches, families and communities from seeking the support they need, and one church in the BUS network has created space for conversations and support to become normalised in an inspiring way. Stirling Baptist are providing a course as part of their community outreach programme…
“The course is being run by a member of SBC, Fiona, who is a retired GP with an interest in Women’s Health and Self-Management with the hope of preventing future medical problems. Despite being retired she has kept up to date with recent advances.
The Life Centre is the Wellbeing part of the Community Outreach programme of Stirling Baptist Church. As part of our Wellbeing programme, we are running two 4 week blocks of classes on the Menopause:
Tuesday 21, 28, February and 7 and 14 March.     1-3pm
Thursday 27th April and 4, 11 and 18th May           7-9pm
This is very topical at the present time, and we feel it is a good opportunity to inform and support women and indeed families with these courses.
The sessions give information explaining the Menopause, the short- and long-term symptoms and the consequences of the Menopause. The wide range of treatments available will be mentioned. This will include HRT and many self-help resources. The final session of each will concentrate on Osteoporosis.”
If you would like to contact her for more information her email is 

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