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27 Mar, 2024

This April there is an exciting media seminar coming up in Glasgow for pastors, leaders, students & creatives, with a brilliant range of experienced hosts including Lorna Farrell from East Mains Baptist Church, and Alexander Dixon and Olivia Stephen from Peterhead Baptist Church.

The event is also hosted by Film and TV Director Norman Stone, a two-time Emmy and BAFTA winner, and Founder Craig D Forres, TV Director & Award winning Documentary Filmmaker.

We were keen to find out more and hear about what inspired Alexander and Olivia to get involved…

“Olivia and I are part of Peterhead Baptist Church and 5 years ago felt called to helping the wider church with our gifting for technology. Since then our company 3:16 AVI have supported over 125 church tech projects across Scotland, from installations to training and live events. We found many churches in our local area fell into one of two categories, they either had technology which was very aged and not effective for todays church, or they had a fantastic array of equipment with little knowledge of how to get the most out of it.

While technology is just a tool which can be used to assist the church’s mission, it is becoming increasingly important to be effective and deliberate in our media outreach, and effective training and knowledge sharing is key in achieving this.

We were approached by Craig to get involved with God on Every Screen a two day media seminar in Glasgow running on the 12th and 13thof April at the Tron Church in Glasgow. The overall session looks to raise awareness of the need for the church to reach out in different ways to generations that interact with technology in a different way.

This ties directly into our desire to equip the church, and we will be delivering two sessions, one on Friday which will look at livestreaming, the reasons that we may be livestreaming, some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your stream and to how to increase the effectiveness of that broadcast. On Saturday we will be presenting practical tips and tricks for improving audio, using the tools you already have.”

– Alexander Dixon, Peterhead Baptist Church

Revitalizing the Church in Scotland: Embracing the Digital Age

Craig D Forrest, the visionary and founder behind God On Every Screen said: 

“Scotland may seem cold towards the gospel, but there are ways to grow the Church by adapting to our modern world. Young adults today are immersed in digital technology and rely heavily on social media.“For the Church, it is becoming increasingly vital to use these platforms to connect with people in innovative and meaningful ways. By sharing stories about their Christian faith, churches can spread the gospel and reach a wider audience in a relevant and up-to-date manner”.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity and how it could equip your church, go to https://www.godoneveryscreen.org

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