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Increase National Prayer Gathering

Invitation to all (on Zoom) March 14th 2024, 7.30pm 

One of our key priorities with the Increase Vision is Prayer and especially praying together. In a couple of weeks time there is going to be an Increase Prayer intensive and as part of that, there is a great opportunity for us to gather together on Zoom from all parts of the nation to pray together. 

It’s going to be on THURSDAY March 14th at 7.30pm for around an hour. You can join on your own from your living room or if churches want to join together then feel free to do that and when we use break out rooms you can pray together where you are. 

What an immense privilege it is for us to be able to call on our Creator and Saviour and to know that he hears us. As we’ve prayed together over this past year for Increase we’ve begun to see signs of life and growth which is so encouraging.

This is the time for us to press into this and keep on praying together, expressing our dependence on God and our continued need for the empowering of his Spirit. Something significant happens when we join our prayers together to God and that’s why we want to keep on creating spaces for us to do that across the Nation. I was so encouraged last year as we prayed with enthusiasm and dedication trusting in God’s faithfulness 

It would be wonderful if we were able to pray together for our nations, for the churches, for people to encounter the love and grace of Jesus and pray expectantly for increase together. 

This is the link you need to join and we hope to see you there.

 Lisa HolmesDeeper Church Lead, Baptist Union of Scotland



We are looking forward to our second INCREASE PRAYER INTENSIVE in partnership with SMBF and it’s occurring from March 12-14th 2024 

This year Tues and Wed will overlap with BUS Council and we will enable hybrid gatherings on Wed am and Wed midday (with Kang-San Tan General Director of BMS World Mission leading this time from Council)

Maximising the benefits of online connections for prayer we are proposing an opportunity over 3 days for ministers/ those in leadership teams, to connect together twice each day at 8am and Midday, to pray together.

We have invited different people to lead the morning and lunchtime sessions – with a very brief thought & focus and then the majority of time given over to prayer focused around personal devotion as well as prayer for the BUS and Nation.

 We will have One Zoom link for all daytime sessions:  Daytime Prayers Link

On Thursday evening (March 14th) there will be an online National Prayer Gathering at 7.30pm for approximately an hour.  We would love you to invite everyone from our churches to join us online – we will have a different zoom link for this.

Evening Prayer Gathering Link 

We would love you as church leaders to join on Zoom for any or all of these times of prayer as we trust that God will honour his word in 2 Chron 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”.

Lisa Holmes

Deeper Church Lead, Baptist Union of Scotland