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28 Jan, 2021

Pray, Phone, Provide – Project 13:10 in Galashiels

George Mackenzie, Moderator, Galashiels Baptist Church

In March 2020 many things changed, including the way we connected with our church fellowship and worshipped together. We started Zoom church, which has been a greater blessing than expected.

We also started a project called 13:10 last March, which was initially intended to be an encouragement for our church fellowship. A short email devotional would be circulated to the church community several times a week with the original idea being that at 13:10 (1.10pm), if possible, people would stop for a few minutes and either Pray, Phone and/or Provide. Pray for people or needs, phone someone who might appreciate a call, and/or provide (see if someone needed some shopping or any other needs).

The project started with around 50 people receiving the emails and quickly grew to over 85 requests. We became aware that several people were forwarding this on (many to non-church goers) and the project also was appearing on the websites of other churches in the area. On 1 January 2021 we sent out our 200th edition!

We are especially grateful to Rev. Andy Scarcliffe who has contributed many items for this and has also been working with Premier Christian Radio. He has recently been recording a series of one-hour programmes called “Mosaic” for them.

The first ever joint Zoom church service was held on 3 January, with around 150 people from all five Border Baptist churches joining together. It was a very successful event, which you can watch here:

It’s so important that we continue to use and develop some of the new ways of reaching our community. Please do remember all the Border Baptist churches in your prayers at this time, especially Galashiels Baptist as we search for God’s leading towards a new pastor.

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