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Week 3 – Service


Friday 5th March

Maisy continues our series sharing her reflections on this week’s passage, Luke 12:13-21, on Jesus’ practice of Service.

Give the video below a watch, and spend a bit of time afterwards talking to God about how you might include service into your coming week.

Saturday 6th March

Jim Purves has written our blog post this week, focussing on Service. Give it a read below, and spend some time talking with God about how you might use the things He has given you for His service this week and beyond.

In this blog, Jim Purves, Mission and Ministry Advisor for the Baptist Union of Scotland, shares his reflections on the practice of service we see in Jesus’ life, and how we can follow His example and command to invest well with what we have beeen given.

Invest Well

It’s not an equal playing field. There was once a generation that expected to have steady jobs. Those that benefitted from Maggie Thatcher’s ‘right to buy’; and got their Council houses at cut price. Some saw their pension-funds rocket in value. But then, maybe you’re somebody who’s lost your job. Maybe you’re wrestled with ‘Universal Credit’. You just struggle to find any employment, especially now.


Some have houses. Good salaries. Nice pensions and investments. Others can’t break out of debt. Occasional work. A basic State pension. The nearest to an investment is a lottery ticket. Over half the UK adult population started the 2020’s in debt, with over 5 million owing over £10,000 in personal loans. Not many barns there. Except empty ones.


But Jesus calls it as it is. He sees the injustice. He understands that longing, the desire to possess. He sees those who have been squeezed out. Or opted out.


What does he seen in me? In you?


Each of us has something beautiful. We can invest it and see immediate return. We have ourselves. God has given us life, each of us bearing a reflection of God deep within. Jesus wants to liberate that fragrance, the effectiveness of who you are meant to be. By the enabling of the Holy Spirit. The Image of God, that you were created to be, to shine with light and love, radiating righteousness and mercy. Carrying justice and compassion into the world.


So, are you ready to invest?


We are surrounded by people who need our help. They’re empty and cold inside. Inside their hearts, if not their houses. They need what we have. They need a piece of what we have. In Scotland, it’s not land folk need. Or a barn. What they need is to have what makes you and I tick.


People need hope.


The Holy Spirit ignites us with hope. Hope that gives birth to faith and love. He helps us focus on the renewal of all Creation, the renewal that Jesus brings. Our hope. Of healing. Of deliverance. Of relationships that matter. Of love that warms. That releases. Provides. Shelters. Heals and not harms.


“Take care, and be on your guard” (Luke 12.13-21)


The words of the Master. Words to each of us. Invest well.

Celebration Sunday 7th March

As you tune in with your church family today, why not thank God for individuals and families who attend. And ask if there is anyone you can be praying for specifically, and ask them if there’s any way you can help in the coming week eg. going for a walk with their kids, picking up some shopping for them, or giving them a call midweek just for a chat.

Monday 8th March

Today, as we practise service, think of a family member you could serve. If you live with your family, why not offer to cook/wash the dishes? If they’re further away, is there school work you could help with on a call? Or even just picking up the phone for a chat.

Tuesday 9th March

Today, we’re thinking about serving our community/neighbours. Perhaps there’s a park nearby you could go and do a litter pick in? Or a older neighbour’s garden you could offer to help in? Or why not donate to a local foodbank?

Wednesday 10th March

Continuing on our theme of service, we’re thinking about our church. In what way can you serve your local church today? Maybe there’s a ministry you could donate to, or a cause you could pray for? Or a person God brings to mind who you could serve in some way?

Thursday 11th March

As we finish our week looking at service, why not ask God to bring to your mind a friend you can serve in some way today? If you’re struggling to think of how to serve them, why not ask? They might be waiting for someone to offer.

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