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Week 4 – Connecting with Creation


Friday 12th March

Andrew shares his thoughts around Jesus practising Connecting with Creation in Luke 12:22-34 as we start week 4 of our Together Through Lent journey

Give the video below a watch, and spend a bit of time afterwards talking to God about how you might appreciate His creation, and care for it better this week.

Saturday 13th March

Our blog this week is written by Andrew Clarke. He shares his reflections on Connecting with Creation as we see Jesus doing, and how this is about more than just seeing beauty around us.

In this blog, Andrew Clarke, Continuing Ministry Development Lead for the Baptist Union of Scotland, shares his reflections on the practice of Connecting with Creation we see in Jesus’ life, and how appreciating creation leads us to recognising God as creator which helps resolve our worries.

‘Consider the ravens’, says Jesus, quickly followed by, ‘Consider the lilies’ (Luke 12.24, 27).

As each year turns towards spring, after the long nights of winter, there’s that moment of hope mingled with joy when I again notice the birds singing as the snowdrops, followed by the daffodils, begin to push through the gradually warming soil.

In this particular conversation, however, Jesus is not just urging his disciples to appreciate the aesthetic joys of God’s good creation. Rather, he is asking them to learn from what they see. Take note of how God sustains the birds. Mark how the wild flowers emerge again and again each spring. How is it that the one can sing and the other can blossom, when neither of them has a job, or a bank account, or a freezer stocked with food?

Jesus’ challenge is clear: how was the life of the bird extended or the beauty of the bud enhanced by their worrying? Is not each of them sustained by God himself … and yet, birds are two-a-penny and grass is eventually fuel for the fire?

Isn’t ‘consider God’s creation’ actually an invitation to consider God as Creator? Isn’t observing God’s creation rather an opportunity to observe God as Creator? What kind of God so charges creation with the ability to nourish the birds and to clothe the trees – year on year on year?

And by contrast, who are we, that we readily become so anxious as we strive to sustain, even add to, our own lives, comforts and futures … as if anxiety had ever been a proven means of adding an inch to our height or a minute to our lives?

During this particular week of Lent, perhaps we might reflect about the extraordinary ways our caring Heavenly Father rules over the flora and fauna of his creation (read: Luke 12.22-34). And, then, in like manner, perhaps we shall find ourselves ‘seeking first’ to engage alongside God in his fair and merciful rule across his creation (Luke 12.21). And, having done this, it just might be that we will then have the eyes to see how our Father, in turn, responds by ensuring that ‘all these things are added to you’ … just as he does for the birds and the flowers!

No worries.

Celebration Sunday 14th March

As you tune in with your church family today, take some time to thank God for individuals and families who attend.

In our video on Friday Andrew spoke about how we are God’s highlight of creation. As God’s creation enjoying God’s creation, why not invite someone from your church to enjoy outside with you today on a walk?

Monday 15th March

Today, as we practice connecting with Creation, go for a walk and deliberately notice the beauty around you. Use it as a conversation starter with God as you walk to praise and thank Him, and cast your worries onto Him!

Tuesday 16th March

Continuing our practice of Connecting with Creation, why not start caring for a plant in your home? Use it as a reminder beyond this week to notice God’s provision and care for His wider creation and thank Him for His concern over you too.

Wednesday 17th March

Today, as we think about how we Connect with Creation, we take note of the effect the meat industry has on our global health. Why not try cook a meat-free meal today, if possible?

Thursday 18th March

This week, we’ve been looking at Jesus’ practice of Connecting with Creation. As we try to take notice of the beauty of the world around us, and our mandate to care for it, try not to use your car today if you can avoid it.

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