Prayer Diary - 7-9 January 2022

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7 Jan, 2022

7th January

Airdrie BC – We give thanks for Airdrie Baptist as they continue to serve you and worship you faithfully. May the church family in the church know God’s peace, presence and power in the year ahead.

8th January

Lord God we pray today for the continued crisis with people trying to come to the UK and risking their lives crossing the channel to do so. May you give governments both compassion and wisdom to know how to best to manage this situation so that vulnerable people are not exploited and lives not put in danger.

9th January

Marylee Anderson (Chaplain, Aberdeen University) – Please pray for those within our community who struggle with mental health issues and that as a chaplaincy we will be able to provide the right form of support. Prayer for wisdom as we look to future plans for the Chaplaincy at the university of Aberdeen and how we can better serve the community.

Every Sunday evening several hundred people from our churches across Scotland join in our National Prayer Livestream. 

The prayer calendar is a framework to help individuals or congregations pray for all our churches throughout the year. 

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