The Unquenchable Fire; a new book by Rev John Greenshields

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30 Aug, 2023

The Unquenchable Fire, by Rev John Greenshields

Many of you will know John from his time in ministry and in his role here at BUS before retiring, and we are pleased to share that he has recently published a third devotional book, drawing on the writings of Dr. Luke. 

This 60 day journey through the Acts of the Apostles can be used by individuals, although ideally it would best be used in a group or congregation working through it together. Each day contains some background information, a running commentary on the text, and questions for reflection and application. The format is similar to his previous devotional guides for Advent (Luke 1-2) and Lent (Luke 3-24).

At Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus’ followers in Jerusalem. A fire was kindled then that has burned ever since. Within one generation from the time of Christ, the Christian Gospel had spread from the periphery to the heart of the Roman Empire. Multiple churches were established throughout the Middle East, and into Asia Minor and Europe. 

Dr. Luke tells the story in his second Biblical volume – the book of Acts. Join him on this amazing journey, as the unquenchable fire of God blazes a trail from Jerusalem to Rome, and beyond. In 60 daily readings, ideally suited for groups working together, you will find useful notes, background information, and questions to help you grasp and apply what you are learning. You may well be touched by the burning, cleansing flame of the Holy Spirit, who purifies from sin, and ignites a passion for God within and among the followers of Jesus.

This devotional guide begins shortly before the day of Pentecost, yet can be used at any time by individuals, or, even better, within a group or congregation committed to share these readings and seek God’s help in assimilating the lessons learned.

The beautiful illustrations have been created by Nyomi Lee Purves, from Collydean Baptist church.



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