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Stories Matter is our new podcast! We want to share stories of younger people in our churches from across the country, hearing about the experiences that made them. We believe stories have a huge amount of power, and particularly when they highlight God’s bigger story of redemption.

Each episode, we’ll take around 30 minutes with a different guest and hear about the things that matter to them. Check out all available episodes here.

Assembly 2019

Fancy taking a year to invest in figuring out what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus in 21st Century Scotland? There are a couple of ways we offer you to do that. Check out Training Hub to go alongside study/work. Or check out INVEST if you fancy doing Training Hub alongside a year serving at a church.

We’re having a taster evening for those interested in Training Hub to come and see what an evening of content is like. It’s on Wednesday, 16th at 7:30pm-9pm. Use the link here to join the zoom.


Every month, our network of churches across the country comes together to pray. Over summer, we’re moving to zoom for our monthly National Prayer Lives. Use the lnk above to join us.